EnCor® Breast Biopsy System

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Date: 27 March, 2012


The versatile EnCor® Breast Biopsy System delivers quality samples-even in the most difficult locations within the breast. It has been designed to provide speed and efficiency in various imaging modalities and offers a variety of options to allow you to adapt to each patient’s specific needs.

Advanced Sampling Options

  • Adaptability: Pre-programmed sampling patterns provide flexibility to choose pattern best suited to the lesion location
  • Automated or manual sampling: Automated sampling option enables time and attention for patient support
  • Size: Full- and half-sample modes provide flexibility for thin breasts and superficial lesions
  • Density: Normal and dense tissue modes adjust for tissue density



Sharp Tip

  • Tri-concave trocar tip: Sharp tip reduces tissue drag and discomfort



Anesthetic and Marker Placement

  • Pain management: Undiluted anesthetic available through the probe, as needed
  • Anesthetic 360° sweep: Option to index the needle through an area of interest that allows anesthetic to be dispensed within the entire biopsy site
  • Marker placement: Breast tissue markers are easily deployed through the back of the breast biopsy probe



Fluid Management

  • Vacuum Options: Versatile vacuum options available to manage fluid accumulation in the biopsy site


Multi-modality Flexibility

  • Flexibility: Versatile performance across ultrasound, stereotactic, and MRI imaging modalities
  • MRI accuracy: VisiLoc™ MRI Visible obturator contributes to excellent accuracy under MRI guidance



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